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Understanding the Application and Approval Process for Suppressors in Colorado

Today’s focus is on getting that much-desired suppressor onto the end of your firearm and into your shooting routine. Though it looks like a lot of red tape, having Elk River Guns by your side makes the journey smooth. We’ll break down the application and approval process for you step by step.

Silencer Forms

Eligibility and Basic Requirements

First things first, let’s ensure you tick all the boxes for suppressor ownership in Colorado:

  • Residency and Age: You must be a Colorado resident and at least 21 years old.
  • Legal Ability to Own Firearms: As with any firearm purchase, you must be legally eligible to own a gun.
  • ATF Background Check: A successful background check by the ATF is a must.
  • ATF Fee: For each suppressor, a $200 fee is payable to the ATF​​.

The Application Process, Step-by-Step with Elk River Guns

Navigate the Silence

Selecting the Right Suppressor:

Head over to Elk River Guns. Our experts will help you choose a suppressor that matches your firearm and shooting needs. We have a range of options, from rimfire to rifle to pistol suppressors.

Completing ATF Form 4:

This is the main application form for a suppressor. Our staff at Elk River Guns will assist you in filling it out accurately. This form requires your personal details, a description of the suppressor, and the serial number.

Fingerprint Cards and Passport Photos:

You’ll need to submit fingerprints and passport-sized photos along with your Form 4.  We can help you complete these steps also.

Dealing with Common Delays

The most frequent cause of delays is incorrect or incomplete paperwork. Our team at Elk River Guns will double-check all your forms and documents to minimize any chances of delay.

Gun Trusts: A Streamlined Approach

A gun trust can simplify your suppressor acquisition. It allows multiple people, like family members, to use the suppressor legally. Elk River Guns can assist you in setting up a trust, ensuring all legalities are covered and making the overall process more straightforward. Applying for a form 4 with a trust does extend the processing time.

Post-Approval: Your Journey with a Suppressor

Once your application is approved and you receive your suppressor, our relationship doesn’t end there. Elk River Guns will continue to provide support, advice on suppressor maintenance, and guidance on compliance with state and federal laws.
With Elk River Guns, the journey to owning a suppressor in Colorado becomes clear and manageable. Our expertise ensures that your application is accurate, legal, and as quick as possible. So, let us help you navigate the silence and enhance your shooting experience with a suppressor.