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FFL Transfers

What is it?

When you buy a firearm from a licensed dealer, like a gun shop, it’s called an FFL transfer. It’s just a fancy term for the process of transferring the firearm to you so you can legally own and possess it.

· Choose Elk River Guns as your local dealer/FFL at checkout
· We work with most major retailers and they will already have our information
· If the seller requests our FFL, give our contact information as

Fill out the Transfer Notice and let us know it’s coming – this will help us get it to you faster!

Transfer Notice

Let us know it's coming!

An FFL transfer is when a firearm changes ownership from one licensed dealer (FFL) to another or to a customer. For example, if a gun shop ships a firearm to another licensed dealer or sells it to a customer, it’s considered a transfer.

If you purchase a firearm, whether new or used, from an FFL, then it MUST be transferred to you. This includes an online firearm purchase from an FFL retailer – they will need to ship the firearm to a local FFL so that you can show up at that FFL’s location and have the firearm transferred to you. Once you have the transferred firearm in your possession, it is yours to take home.

Transfer fees are $60 PLUS the required $12.50 state CBI fee, additional serial numbers on the same 4473 are $10 additional dollars. NFA items are $125 with or without paperwork for each serial number.

It’s becoming more and more popular for people to get their own FFL, including home-based FFLs. In fact, many FFL holders in the country now have their own home-based setup.

Having your own FFL means you can have firearms shipped directly to you, without having to coordinate with a local gun shop or pay transfer fees. It gives you more flexibility and convenience in receiving firearms for your personal use or business. So, if you have your own FFL, you can enjoy the convenience of firearms being shipped straight to you without the need for a middleman.