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It's not just a slogan.

Coined by David Smith, one of our first employees, we’ve incorporated that mentality into just about everything we do.

We make it our mission to carry fine quality brands in the configuration that you need. If we don’t have it, we will get it. We will make sure that any accessories you need are available and that the ammo for your purchase is orderable or stocked.

"We Treat You Right"

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Our staff is knowledgeable.

Treating you right means knowing our product.

When you enter our store you will find that our staff aren’t just ringing up purchases. Our staff are passionate firearms experts who not only know about guns, they are enthusiasts just like our customers.

Most of our staff are competitive shooters and hunters who use their firearms just like our customers. We treat our customers like we treat ourselves.

We Buy Guns

It’s always a tricky situation when you decide to sell your gun collection.

Working with you, we will develop a fair offer to purchase a single gun or a collection. Our gun buyers are experienced and valuation experts. We are always strong buyers of used guns and when we buy, we make sure we will treat you right.

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Elk River Guns:
A Family Business

A family owned business is about as rare as a Colt Ace.

Jae Seifert, the owner of Elk River Guns is a descendant of generations of entrepreneurs. Jae’s parents, grandparents and great grandparents were owners and masters of their own businesses. 

Being the owner of the business means that you have a stake in every outcome. Entrepreneurs know that the customer and their purchase are valued and a part of the success they realize. Treating the customer right is something that has gotten lost in the world of online, giga-retailers and giant box stores where a little is shaved off here and there to make shareholders happy.

We’ll treat you right means that we make sure that products you purchase from us are quality brands.

We aren’t selling brands where quality has been sacrificed in great quantity to meet a profit objective. We make it our mission to ensure that the price you pay isn’t just the item you buy, but the knowledge, experience and passion needed to make sure your purchase is right. Every time.

Our Staff

Jae Seifert, Elk River Guns

Jae Seifert

This isn’t Jae’s first rodeo. Jae’s first memories are bombing around the Midwest with his parents working at their stores. Jae started his first business less than a year out of college. Less than a decade later, Jae was single handedly running two businesses. The Mac Ranch out of the front of the shop and a bespoke gun store out the back door. When the opportunity to buy out his biggest competitor became available, Jae jumped at the chance.
Keegan Rogan, Elk River Guns

Keegan Rogan

Keegan is the real Jefe’. Accountant, Banker, Financial Manager, Office Administrator, Program Manager and Staff Wrangler. Keegan makes keeping chaos running like a swiss watch look easy, but the Pirate Knife is always within reach.
David Smith, Elk River Guns

David Smith

Hailing from South Texas, he has been a Steamboater for many years. David coined the term “We’ll treat you right”. David has forgotten more about guns than most have ever known. Regardless of your passion, David knows it, has shot it, probably owns one or two and knows who designed it and why. David is our resident gun buyer, if you are looking to sell, David will make sure we treat you right

When you work part time at Elk River Guns, we like to think it’s’ not about the money. We try to make sure the money is nice by making sure our knowledgeable staff gets paid top dollar (even for Steamboat), but we know that deep in their heart our staff is there because they are passionate about the product. Elk River Guns is proud to work very hard to make sure our part time staff has the experience, knowledge, and passion necessary to treat our customers right with every purchase.

Customer Reviews

"I recently visited for the first time and was blown away by the selection of accessories available. The staff was incredibly helpful making my purchase a breeze. I'll definitely be coming back for all my shooting needs!"
Customer review
Ross Mack
"Absolutely love this gun store! The staff is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful, and the selection is unbeatable. Will definitely be coming back."
Katie Frost