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Elk River Guns and the 2023 Big Game Hunting Season: Are You Ready?

Elk River Guns: More Than Just a Name

For decades, Elk River Guns has been the top choice for hunters in Northwestern Colorado. As the 2023 Big Game Rifle Season is just around the corner, we have put together a few things to help you start crossing stuff off the list (or start making that list…)

"We Treat You Right"

When it comes to Big Game, Elk River Guns stands out. It’s not just about the firearms but also about the experience.  Established in the heart of Steamboat Springs, Colorado, Elk River Guns has become a staple for hunters gearing up for the season.

But remember, having a gun is just the start. And if you haven’t been in for awhile, stop in and see how ‘We Treat You Right’.

Elk River Guns - Jae Seifert

Licenses and The Essentials: Navigating the Paperwork

You’ve got the gear, the enthusiasm, and the know-how. But remember, a license is your golden ticket. Before you venture out, make sure to check the requirements and fees on the Colorado Parks and Wildlife website.
Being prepared with this ensures you can focus solely on the hunt, if you need help or have questions, just ask us! If we can’t help you, we probably know who can.

2023 Big Game Hunting Season: Key Dates

Set those reminders! Rifle Season is right around the corner.  According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife, you’ll want to mark your calendars for October, their official website will have the exact dates for the various game seasons, along with any changes from what you may have know from the past.  It’s always good to check their website for the latest updates.

Moose ​Oct. 1–14
Separate limited elk (1st season) Oct. 14-18
Combined deer/elk (2nd season) Oct. 28-Nov. 5
NEW **Oct. 28-Nov. 1
Combined deer/elk ​(3rd season) Nov. 11–17
NEW  **Nov. 11-15​
Combined limited deer/elk (4th season) Nov. 22–26
Plains deer (east of I-25, except Unit 140) ​Oct. 28–Nov. 7
​Late plains deer (east of I-25, except Unit 140) ​Dec. 1–14

Gear Up with Elk River Guns

You’re about to embark on a thrilling adventure. And you know what they say – a hunter is only as good as their gear. Thankfully, Elk River Guns has you covered. From top-notch guns and ammunition to precise scopes and sights, it’s a one-stop-shop. The 2023 Big Game Hunting Season demands the best, and that’s precisely what you’ll get.

Scopes, Sights, and Precision: The Elk River Advantage

Vortex - Elk River Guns
Aiming for that perfect shot? Elk River Guns ensures that you have the edge. With a huge selection of scopes and sights, you’ll be ready to take on the challenges of the Rifle Season. Trust in their quality and precision – your game deserves nothing less.

Safety First: Elk River Guns and Responsible Hunting

Now, let’s talk safety. The 2023 Big Game Rifle Season will undoubtedly be exhilarating, but it’s crucial to remember the fundamentals. Elk River Guns advocates for responsible hunting. It’s a partnership – the equipment from Elk River and your unwavering commitment to safety.

Connecting with the Hunting Community

The relationship between hunters, particularly those preparing for significant hunts, is deeply rooted in mutual respect and shared experiences. Engaging with fellow enthusiasts, sharing tips, and staying updated with Elk River Guns enhances this bond. Remember, it’s not just about the hunt but also about the shared passion. Be sure to stop by and share your recent adventures with us!

The 2023 Forecast: What to Expect

The Big Game Season in 2023 is shaping up to be one for the books. With Elk River Guns at your back, some trusty guidance from the old timers, along with some help from Colorado Parks and Wildlife, it promises to be a season filled with challenges, triumphs, and memories.

Elk River Guns is more than just a gun shop; we are a trusted companion for the Big Game Hunting Season for 2023. As the season approaches, ensure you’re equipped, informed, and ready to embrace the season. With the right gear, knowledge, and spirit, this hunting season promises to be unforgettable. Always remember, in the wild, preparation is key. And with Elk River Guns, you’re always one step ahead. Happy hunting!