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Boost Your Accuracy: Start With Bore sighting

Welcome, fellow shooters! If you’ve spent enough time on the range or deep in the woods during hunting season, you might’ve heard the term “bore sighting.” No, it’s not the latest dance trend, nor is it the act of getting bored while staring at your scope (although we’ve all been there). In the world of firearms, bore sighting is a pretty big deal. So, grab your coffee, lean in, and let’s dive into this one, shall we?

The Basics: Breaking Down Bore sighting

What Exactly is Bore sighting?

Bore sighting is like aligning the tires on your truck: it’s about getting everything on the straight and narrow. Specifically, bore sighting aligns the optical sight (be it a scope, red dot, or whatever you’ve got) on a firearm with the gun’s bore. It’s that simple step before zeroing, helping you hit those bullseyes without wasting too many rounds.

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Some Bore sighting Background

You’d think bore sighting is some fancy modern technique, right? Nope! Our hunting ancestors, long before the days of digital gadgets, had their own ways to ensure their sights were on point. They’d look down the bore of their gun and align it with a distant target, adjusting the sights accordingly. Classic, effective, and pretty darn clever if you ask me!

Bore sighting Techniques: The Old Vs. The New

The Classic Method: Peeping Through

This is where you remove the bolt or open the action of your rifle and just peek straight down the bore, aligning it with a target. Once that’s done, without moving the firearm, you adjust the sights or scope until the crosshairs align with the target. Quick, dirty, and doesn’t cost a dime.

The Modern Twist: Using Boresighters

Enter the boresighter: a device designed to make this process smoother. There are two main types:  Laser and Optical


Why Should I Bother with Bore sighting?

Save Time and Ammunition

Think of all those rounds you’ve fired, just trying to get your new scope zeroed. If time is money, then bore sighting saves you both!

Peace of Mind

Ever get that nagging feeling that maybe, just maybe, your miss wasn’t entirely your fault? Bore sighting can give you that confidence that your gear isn’t what’s letting you down.

Improve Accuracy from the Get-Go

Starting with a bore sighted gun means you’re on the right track from the very first shot. It’s like starting a marathon with a good warm-up; you’re just setting yourself up for success.

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Common Myths and Misconceptions

Boresighting Guarantees Dead-on Shots!

Oh, if only! While it’s an essential first step, bore sighting doesn’t replace actual range time and adjustments based on real-world shooting.

I Boresighted Once, I'm Good for Life!

Sorry, folks. Dropping your gun, changing altitudes, or even switching ammo types can all affect your zero. Regular boresighting is your best friend.

Conclusion: Bore sighting - Your First Step to Precision

So, there we have it. Bore sighting isn’t just another buzzword in the shooting world; it’s a time-honored technique to get you on target faster, save you a bit of change, and up your confidence game. Whether you’re an old-timer or a newbie, a bit of alignment can go a long way.

In our upcoming article, we’ll be delving into the world of optics. We’re talking classic scopes that have been the trusted allies of marksmen to the modern, sleek world of red dots. If you’ve ever pondered over an optics upgrade or been curious about how they amplify your game, you won’t want to miss this next piece. Stay tuned and keep those barrels warm!

Happy shooting!

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